Govt School Admission Circular 2021- 2022: Apply Online

The government’s School Admissions Circular 2021  has been published. Government school admissions circular 2021 has been published for all government schools in Bangladesh together with Dhaka. Candidates must use Online for admission. All lessons want to use for admission through the GSA Teletalk Com BD website. This is the Government based on Web and SMS. School admission portal in Bangladesh. Candidates must apply along the similar interval from admission from Class 1 to Class 9.

Online application can be started on November 25, 2021. The deadline for online application is December 10, 2021. The result of the lottery can be performed on December 15, 2021 centrally for all Colleges. Application fees Tk. 110 for each student. Detailed data on admission to the colleges of authorities have been published. The training minister has already introduced that the admission test will not be taken for admission to the authorities’ Colleges. The admission course can be done by lottery. In other words, regardless of whether admission has been made by lottery for class 1 only before, this 12-month lottery can be done for all lessons. Only college students who have been chosen by lottery can be nominated for admission.

The admissions course can be taken in the same course in all district and upazila government colleges as well as Dhaka city. Everyone has to use it online and the admission results can be printed at the same time.

Admission to the Dhaka School of Government can be done in the same course of. In other words, all authority colleges in Dhaka can be run through a lottery system for all lessons. There is no entrance exam that can be taken for admission to any lesson.

Application Eligibility

No qualifications are required for admission to authorities colleges in these 12 months. Any student can apply for admission to the college of the authorities. However, candidates must have an age limit. No one can apply other than the prescribed age. The age limit per class is given below.

Class Age Limit Date of Birth
Class One 6+ No Age Limit
Class Two 7+ No Age Limit
Class Three 8+ No Age Limit
Class Four 9+ No Age Limit
Class Five 10+ No Age Limit
Class Six 11+ No Age Limit
Class Seven 12+ No Age Limit
Class Eight 13+ No Age Limit
Class Nine 14+ No Age Limit

Govt School Admission Form 2021

Students who wish to confess to the college of the authorities can apply through the GSA Teletalk Com BD website. The price of a Government School Admission service needs to be paid for with a pre-paid Teletalk mobile phone. Applications will be sent from 20 November to 10 December 2021. Follow the steps below to complete the entry form.

  1. Visit for Admission Form Fill-up and Select your Division, than go to Next Step and Randomly Select your District/ Zilla, Thana/ Upazilla, School Name.
  2. Fill-up the Application Form with Required Information. Don’t overlook to Fill-up your Quota Information (if any).
  3. Upload a Color Photograph inside 300×300 in JPG Format Maximum 100KB
  4. Submit Your Application type.
  5. Download Your Applicant Copy and Print it Out in Color.
  6. Pay the charges with Your User ID.

Payment Instruction:

If you apply online correctly, you will not be accepted if you do not pay the appliance price. The price  is Tk. 170 to be paid in the form of a prepaid mobile Teletalk. Fees will be paid for sending two complete SMS. After using the online, the applicant must pay the price of utilizing using a personal ID within a copy within 48 hours. The Admit Card will be downloaded only after you have paid the price of the  appliance. The instruction talked about under


GSA<area>User ID and Send to 16222

Example: GSA ABCDEF and Send to 16222

After Sending First SMS you’ll get a PIN Number from Teletalk. Now Prepare Second SMS by your PIN Number like under.


GSA<area>YES<area>PIN and Send to 16222

Example:  GSA YES 123456 and Send to 16222

Admit Card Download

To Download Admit Card go to and Download your Admit Card from admit Card download Section With your User ID and Password.

Govt School Admission Test

No admission checks can be taken within these 12 months for admission to authorities colleges. In different years, college students have been admitted to the remainder of the phase outside the first phase by way of admission. At that time only category 1 was accepted by lottery. Admission to all courses is canceled within 12 months. As a result, the entry course can be implemented in all subjects in the form of a lottery.

For the past 12 months, 50% of the collages presidency has been announced. In various sentences, college students in their area will receive a pre-50 p.c. In addition, a 10 p.c quota is reserved for college students from major authorities colleges for admission to sixth grade.

The quota of the freedom fighters, the quota of incapacity  and the different quotas  are also maintained. No annual examinations have been held in any class during these 12 months. Therefore, college students of all subjects will move to the next class in an automated promotional way. As a result, college students may be accepted into vacant seats.

N.B: No Admission Test Can Be Taken For Admission To Class Nine. Admission to Class IX Can be completed based on the results of the JSC and JDC test results.

Govt School Admission Result 2021

Government School Admission Result has been published. Published January 11, 2021, 3:30 pm. Lottery admission results for authorities colleges are printed for sophistication 1 to Class 9. The results are printed on the GSA Teletalk Com BD website and the college college acquisition board. It has also been published on the website for Students and School Officials. Selected Students can be notified via SMS via the 2021 Public School Lottery Results. has been published. Published January 11, 2021, 3:30 pm. Lottery admission results for official colleges are printed for complex 1 to Class 9. The results are printed on the GSA Teletalk Com BD website and the  college acquisition board. It has also been published on the website for Students and School Authorities. Selected Students can be notified via SMS via the  Public School Lottery Results 2021.

On the day of the publication of the Lottery Results at the authorities colleges, the father and mother will be able to attend the appropriate colleges following the health guidelines. The lottery course can be completed in the middle. Based on this result, accredited college courses can be completed during the 2021-month 2021 course.

However, after the release of the lottery results, the scholars selected at the venue and the different assignments must submit the required documents. The admissions committee will verify all the paperwork and complete the approval.

If any candidate fails to submit the required information, the seat may be placed in the correct order.

For the first time in these 12 months, admission to jurisprudence colleges can be done in the form of a full lottery. Previously, the lottery was held just to get into primary school. Admission scrutiny was considered for admission to secondary school to eighth grade and admission to school Nine was based largely on JSC results. But in the last 12 months, the JSC and PSC tests have been canceled.

Admission to all courses is canceled within 12 months and admission to all courses can only be done by lottery. Students from their various colleges can move the robot to the next class. Their class collection would be a pre-class document.

Obtaining Admission to Public Schools was issued on December 12 at all administrative colleges in the Upazila district and stage and Dhaka Govt Schools. Earlier, the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education DSHE published admission coverage.

The online admission process starts on 20 November 2021 and the application deadline was 10 December. During these 12 months the price of electricity was reduced to Tk. 110.

However, many candidates were unable to complete the type of admission due to age issues. For these 12 months, the age limit for admission to college colleges is limited. As a result, the software system prevents young college students from completing admission forms.

Govt School Admission Result 2020-2021

The Result of the Public School 2021 Admission Report is printed in the lottery. Lottery held on Monday, January 11, 2021. The Result of Public Admission School 2020 can be found on the website. Lottery operations will begin at 3:30 p.m. The Public School Admission Lottery system can be done through the Teletalk software program. The Minister of Education, Dr. Dipu Moni and Deputy Minister of Education Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury could attend. The Secretary of Education may be present during the digital lottery.

Lotteries can be held at the International Mother Language Institute, Dhaka. Lottery acts can be held between all the schools of authority in Bangladesh and Dhaka City. Lottery can be done automatically.

Lottery actions can be broadcast on the Facebook page and the YouTube channel of the Higher Education Directorate and DSHE. Various tv channels can broadcast lottery actions. You can view the activities of Govt School Admission Lottery 2021 sitting below.

The results of the state college lottery are published after the termination of the lottery. Lottery college lottery results will be available through the GSA Teletalk website. In addition, the selected person may read the result via SMS.

How do you know the result of the 2021 Government School lottery?

Lottery admission to the college of jurisdiction held January 11, 2021. The results of the lottery are printed after the cessation of lottery activities. Public Scholarship Activity 1 sophistication 1, class 2, class 3, class 4, class 5, class 6, class 7, class 8 and complexity 9 can be achieved on the basis of lottery result .

The result of the Admission to Public Schools will be monitored via the website and SMS. Results can be printed simultaneously on the admission website in all districts and college upazilla stage. The result may even read the number of cell phones provided during the application. Candidates can be informed of the result via SMS. However, it will depend on the authority. If no one has received an SMS, they often check Result Online. Please note, Only Selected Students Can Receive SMS. If any college students are on the right list, they will not be able to receive any SMS. However, they often check their results on the website. School Authorities Must Submit a Admission Report on Time.

GSA Teletalk Com BD

The result of the 2021 Public School Admission will be recognized through the GSAResult Teletalk Com BD website. Full-day lottery nominations can be made on January 11. Lottery results may be announced on the same day after the lottery actions.

Lottery results can be notified via SMS to the candidate’s mobile number. Candidates can even determine the results using the GSA Teletalk Com BD admission website. It will be known by the user ID. You will receive your User ID in a copy of your Applicant that you print after working online. If you are selected for any School or Shift, your result will be available with your Name, Birth Registration Number, Your Photo, Selected School Name, Selected Shift and separate data.

If any student is generally not selected at any School, it will be proved “Sorry, You are not selected”. But no additional data can be seen in the result. That is, the Results for Selected Readers Only will be seen in Details



GSA Result Teletalk

Lottery results for all presidential college courses will be recognized through the GSA Result Teletalk Com BD. From here it will be seen in academic results over school results. Students will be able to know the effect of Government School Admission through their personal ID from the GSAResult Teletalk Com BD website.

All administrative colleges in Dhaka and outside Dhaka will be able to know the list of selected college students for his college from the same website. There are different options for viewing college results. Schools will download a selected list of college students within the lottery using a person’s ID and password and complete their admission courses. Schools should also conduct accreditation courses online. The Head of School may download the Outcome Sheet for his School and will be at the head of the Admission Committee via Email. One copy must be printed and placed on the Notification Board of the Public School Admission Outcome Board.

Government School Admission waitinglist

The Government Admission List has been printed. A good list of college and college students has been uploaded online. Click here for the correct list of experts. Click here for the correct varsity list.

Admission can be made on the right list if there is an vacant seat at any public college. If any college students fail to confess their sins in a timely manner or do not submit the required documents, his seat may be vacant. Entry can be taken from the correct list of vacant seats. Office of the Director of Higher Education and Higher Education DSHE can monitor Admission Services. Procedure for Acceptance on the Right List and Deadline can be published on the DSHE website and the relevant School Notification Board.

Admission will start on the correct list on 21 January 2021. Previously, the list of eligible candidates can be started after 5pm on January 20. The list of eligible candidates can be printed on it. board to find their colleges. Thereafter, the Second Waiting List will be published on January 26, 2021. The process of being assigned to the Second Watch List may begin on January 27. If there is a vacant seat available after completing the Admission to the correct second column, the correct third column may be published. A second waiting list can be found on the website. It will be checked with the appropriate User ID for Lottery Result.

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